Ruma National Park over view

This  national park was established mainly to protect the Roan antelope, common only to this park. The soils are largely black cotton clay. The surrounding area is settled, with a mix of small scale cultivation and grassy pasture land.

- The Roan antelope which is not found anywhere else in Kenya, oribi, mountain reedbuck, leopard, buffalo, Jackson’s hartbeest, Rothschild’s giraffe, serval, hyena, impala and vervet monkey, savannah grassland and woodland with extensive acacia thickets and more than 400 recorded species of birds.

- Game viewing, bird watching, camping.

Getting there
- By road; From Nairobi the most direct route to Ruma National Park is via Nakuru, Kericho and Kisii. From Kisii proceed in a southerly direction on the main A1 road to Rongo, a distance of 34 km. At Rongo turn to the right and proceed 27 km to Rodi Kopany. Then turn left and head for Migori, a distance of 20 km. At Migori follow signs to the park, entering at Kamato main gate.

Where to stay - Kenya Wildlife Service Self-Catering, Oribi Guesthouse, Kamato and Nyati Campsites