BRIAN & DARCY SAYS.......Our testimonial for Africa Is One. For most people the idea of going to Africa is once in a lifetime dream and because of this, they want to be sure that everything goes well as possibly can. They hope that their chosen tour operator is reliable, competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy and that they can help them realize one of the greatest experiences of their lives. These are pretty high demands. I had these demands on my first East African adventure and thanks to Philip Otieno and Africa Is One. It was the most amazing experience my wife and I ever had. In fact, we loved it so much and were so impressed with Philip and Africa Is One team that when returned for a second time and will probably be going back again in the near future. The excellent quality of service from Philip and Africa Is One was consistent from one trip to the next and I have no doubt that this will always be the case as these are the fundamental principles that Philip operates by. I would not hesitate to recommend Philip and Africa Is One Adventure Ltd to anyone looking for the experience of a lifetime whether they are new travelers or experienced adventurers. Brian Perkins and Darcy Livingstone
Calgary, CANADA

SU BROWNING says...I am like you I was concerned about buying a safari online without Knowing too much about the people I would be sharing the best part of my holiday with. I was worried about my safety, whether I was going to be abandoned in the middle of nowhere with no help. Whether I was going to get value for money, whether I was going to be staying in "dodgy" accommodation, and whether the people I was going to spend time with could understand me and I them, and more importantly really like and trust. I was apprehensive at first when I arrived in Nairobi, but Philip and his team laid my fears to rest with their warm caring attention. I felt safe and secure and Philip was friendly and honest and really fun, easy to understand and genuine. I knew I was going to have a good time.
Philip met me at the airport just as he said he would and took me to my hotel, he helped me check-in and waited until I was settled then took me to his office, where I went over the itinerary; he confirmed everything we had spoken about via email. All the hotels had been confirmed and he showed me the route we would be taking, and explained I could at anytime I could change the itinerary. He then took me for coffee and lunch, and a "get to know you" chat, which I wasn't expecting, a really lovely touch.

My safari experience was all and much more than I expected. I saw all the animals I wanted to see and a lot more. Some of the places of interest
I was shown were well researched and all the questions I had were answered. I learnt so much about the people and their environment and culture than I ever expected, Philip and his team were very knowledgeable.

My accommodation was exactly what I was expecting, some were very
comfortable and some were very rustic - the Africa I really wanted to see.
Sometimes I ate African other times we ate Western, but I really loved the African food - I was very happy, as Philip knew exactly what I wanted and made it all happen for me.

I got to meet some of Philips family who were so endearing and welcoming, they made me feel part of the family - it was truly touching.

The trip has left me with a lasting impression I never thought possible, I talk about this holiday with such passion and excitement to anyone willing to listen.

You too will enjoy any holiday/adventure with Philip and his team I highly recommend them to you. Enjoy the real Africa like I did!


MERETE JEFFERY says...I would like to write a testimonial for Africa is one and Philip. I met Philip 10 years ago on my first trip to Africa. We hired him to take us around the many sights around Nairobi as we had already booked a safari from Australia (at a much higher price).Anyway Philip turned out to be VERY professional and always on time.
Extremely informative and eager to share his country’s culture and traditions with us. We kept in touch for quite some time but this was before email and the mail system wasn’t good. We lost touch. 5 years later I went back to Nairobi, after climbing Kilimanjaro and looked Philip up. As a solo traveler, I knew I would be in safe hands doing a camping safari with him...we even went into Rwanda and I got to see the mountain gorillas, we had 3 great weeks, and this time we kept in touch! I recently returned to Kenya and did yet another safari and included a lot of small towns, seeing the real Africa. As a female traveling alone I felt
completely safe in the company of Philip and his crew, and I will no doubt be back to Africa for more adventures. Merete Jeffery

Marcio Hudson Says..I booked my flight to travel to Africa in order to write an article for a newspaper, this was when I met Philip Otieno and his team in Nairobi – Kenya who rented me a jeep. I traveled solo, hitchhiking, walking and canoeing across East Africa for several weeks. He was very kind and reliable and since then, we kept exchanging mails.

The richness of my experience gave me incredible warmth and generosity of the people including thousands of animals I witnessed in their natural habitat and the awesome reality of being in the land known as the "cradle of humanity," was a life-changing experience and indeed a source of great inspiration for my life. The human adventure started out in Africa some millions years ago. You can also find your path...

As a traveler, I know that your travel to Africa will add richness and depth to your own life and give you an unforgettable perspective and inspiration.

Have a good journey!
Marcio Hudson

James and Phillip

Thank you so much for making my safari in Kenya a memorable one... I was worried reading and listening to stories of other travelers, and thank to Afrika is One, I have only good things to say about my safari in Masai Mara, Kenya...

Many tour operators come and go.  Reason why many travelers do not get what they bought.  But you guys are the local and the professional ones...  Our animal expert was great in taking us to every wild animal and getting communication among other drivers in the park to where we got the best out of our time in the game drive...  Accommodation was both clean and comfortable.  The food was good and plenty.

(Thank you for serving only the things I could eat).  They had a meat and vegetarian menu in the buffet.  I have only good things to say about all the staff as well.  I only wish I could had stayed longer in my safari.  Saying good-bye was very sad.   Adding to my already exciting adventure, I had the hot air balloon trip with a wonderful breakfast.  So, I truly have to say: "wote ni washindi !"


Jose (Puerto Rico)