We have programs where those with desire to offer volunteer compassionate and humanitarian aid services can. Volunteers live and work with the tribe and experience -- a truly and first hand African experience life in rural areas.

Programs we have includes: helping in orphanage, teaching, Health care, wildlife hospitality, environmental care and poverty eradication groups, and HIV/AIDS volunteer.
Volunteers can stay as little as one week or as long as six months. So check out with us, and let us help you experience and learn about the culture and people of Kenya and East Africa. The Rift Valley, less than an hour from Nairobi, is the longest valley in the world -- 4,000 miles long and 35 miles wide.

It is a continental fault system that stretches from the Dead Sea south through the Red Sea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and into Mozambique. There are very few foreigners who stay near our volunteer locations. You will be living among the tribe of Kenya to have experience.

Language English is widely spoken. You will also hear a lot of Swahili as well as several local tribal languages.
Accommodations you will stay with a local Kenyan family who will provide you with your own room, all meals, include you in family activities, and generally help you adjust to and learn about their culture and country.

Our families can host more than one volunteer at a time, so you can stay in the same house with your friend(s) or partner. You can also stay in separate host families that are very near to each other. The host families have been hand-picked and trained visited families’ homes, shared meals with them, and conveyed to them the unique responsibilities involved with hosting foreign volunteers.
Meals usually consist of meat (beef or chicken), beans, potatoes, and a wide variety of other vegetables and fruits. Vegetarians are easily accommodated by our host families.
Communications Mobile phones are widely available in Kenya; you can buy and activate a mobile phone for 75-100 USD from one of the many shops around you. For Internet access, there are shops in the nearby town where you can use the Internet and make international phone calls. Your host family will also have a phone that you can use for emergencies and local calls.
Transportation We will accompany you by private car from Nairobi and introduce you to your host family and the school or medical clinic where you will volunteer. On a daily basis, you can walk from your host family to your volunteer job. You can catch a local transport (Matatu) or you can also buy an inexpensive bicycle
Health & Safety The surrounding towns are very safe in terms of personal safety as well as health. The biggest problem faced by volunteers is usually an occasional upset stomach as their bodies adjust to the food and water and warmer climate.There is a small medical clinic around for basic medical care, as well as medical facilities
Sig htseeing & Activities.Visiting wildlife parks and reserves: