East  African  Mountain

Have you ever imagined the excitement of summiting Mount Kilimanjaro,the Africa's highest mountain or climbing the inspiring and beautiful Mount Kenya and how about Rwenzori Mountain? Afrika Is One Adventure (Afioa) is here to help you plan this Adventure.

Mt Kilimanjaro is mention that, despite the mountain being the tallest in Africa, it is relatively easy to climb. You may find this surprising, but it is true, Kilimanjaro is a walkers’ mountain. You can trek all the way to Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro highest summit, without using any special mountaineering equipment, even if you have no previous mountain climbing experience.

But, much as it considered an easy climb, you would only underrate the challenge the mountain gives you at your own risk. I climbed the mountain once, and I know it takes a lot of mental endurance to make it to the top. You can read about my experience Based on personal experience and what I have gathered elsewhere, below are some practical tips to help you enjoy your climb and increase your chances of making it to the roof of Africa.