What you need to know about Safari.....The typical day on safari begins with a game drive after an early breakfast. On some days you will be out for the entire day viewing wild life and on others, you will return to your lodge or camp before noon. After lunch you'll then have time to relax at the poolside, take a nap, read or explore the surroundings.
Between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. you will go on another game drive lasting until sundown.In all programs we offer early sunrise drives (when most people are just getting up for breakfast) which is our unique feature.
On the days that you travel to new game parks, you will generally leave right after breakfast, arriving at the next lodge in time for lunch, and afternoon game driver.

The fact is, offering everyone’s ideal safari or tour on this site is not feasible. So as you will be touring this site, we’ve listed a small selection of tours and safaris on offer for your consideration.
If you are interested in Safari your next step, You can book a suggested Itinerary from our website.
These trips offer the convenience of a pre-set itinerary and a fixed price, with flexible scheduling. Travel dates are up to you to decide. You can as well start from scratch and work with us to develop a totally customized itinerary and schedule. We are enthusiastically open to side trips, detours, special needs and special plans. We only organize private Safaris on request which mean only you and your travel partner(s) will be on the tour. This gives you much flexibility on where to stop and tracing your favorite animals.