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As a fact, offering everyone’s ideal safari or tour on this site is not feasible. So as you will be touring this site, we’ve listed a small selection of tours and safaris on offer for your consideration.If you are interested in  Safari, then your next step you can book a suggested Itinerary from our website. These trips offer the convenience of a pre-set itinerary and a fixed price, with flexible scheduling. Travel dates are up to you to decide when.
You can as well start from scratch and work with us to develop a totally customized itinerary and schedule. We are enthusiastically open to side trips, detours, special needs and special plans. We only organize private Safaris on request which mean only you and your travel partner(s) will be on the tour. This gives you much flexibility on where to stop and tracing your favorite animals.

About Lodge Safaris

Lodge Safaris are for those clients who want to participate in the African wildlife experience but seek the normal comforts of home particularly comfortable bed and shower. Clients will spend their nights either in lodges or luxury tents in the various National Parks. Whilst the charges are excellent value for money, which will be appreciated by all.

About Camping Safari

These Safaris are not only for those on limited budgets but apply to anybody who likes to experience the true sights and outdoors of Africa not to mention the special atmosphere of nights under canvas when the environment returns to its rightful owners the wildlife. The Safari bus will carry all the equipment necessary with meals being prepared by an excellent chef over traditional woodfires.

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