Tanzania Safari Circuits

Northern  Circuit:This is home to the Serengeti,
Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara,Tarangire and Arusha National Parks.

Southern Circuit:The Selous Game Reserve, Mikumi, Ruaha and the Udzungwa Mountains

Western Circuit: Witness chimpanzees in dense forests of the Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Parks.
Nearby, the Katavi National Park.

Zanzibar Islands:Visit historic Stone Town and see the
splendor of Zanzibar's architecture and culture.
Go on a Zanzibar tour of prison island and
the famous spice tour, swim with dolphins or relax on pristine at the
white beaches.
Mount Kilimanjaro: The tallest free
standing mountain on earth and the highest peak in Africa.



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Tanzania is the biggest (land area) among the East African countries (i.e. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). Tanzania has a spectacular landscape of mainly three physiographic regions namely the Islands and the coastal plains to the east; the inland saucer-shaped plateau; and the highlands. The Great Rift Valley that runs from north east of Africa through central Tanzania is another landmark that adds to the scenic view of the country.
The country has the largest concentration of wild animals. It also has pristine sandy beaches and Africa’s highest  snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro.

The country-offers iconic safari destinations such as the legendary Serengeti Plains, the geological marvel that is the Ngorongoro Crater and magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. On top of all this, it hosts the greatest show on earth - the annual Wildebeest Migration - ensuring a perfect Tanzania Safari Holiday.

These destinations are well-known and draw thousands of visitors on memorable African holiday safaris, but this beautiful country also has some of the wildest wilderness areas in Africa in the southern region such as Selous Game Reserve - one of the largest game reserves in the world - and Ruaha National Park. These southern reaches of Tanzania provide Africa's wildest safari holidays.

To the west of the country, in the Lake Tanganyika region, you can go trekking in search of chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park and Mahale Mountains National Park. Made famous by the legendary researcher Jane Goodall, the chimpanzee experience is a great addition to a Tanzania safari holiday.

Wildlife and wilderness aside, Tanzania also boasts some of the most romantic and unspoilt tropical beaches in Africa.First on the list of amazing Tanzania beaches is Zanzibar, once home to Sultans and explorers, a place of exotic spices, azure waters and incredible architecture.

There's more: Pemba Island and Mafia Island, part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, have to be among the few remaining island paradises in existence.Why not combine them with a safari? A Tanzania safari and beach holiday equates to one of Africa's greatest safari holiday experiences

Visitors on a Tanzania safari holiday will discover a country that is slightly off the beaten track and yet still able to offer guests luxury safaris together with fabulous accommodation.The lodges here range from jaw-dropping luxury to rustic bungalows - have a look at our best Tanzania luxury lodges for some seriously decadent accommodation in some seriously impressive locations.We've also recommended our favourite Tanzania villas. These 'homes away from home' are perfect for families or friends wanting a bit of space to themselves, and the flexibility of their own safari guide and vehicle.

If you're planning a Tanzania safari holiday to see the Great Wildebeest Migration, a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest peak - or to visit the tropical island of Zanzibar, see our When to Go guide for the best times for each of these destinations.

We will also help you to plan a visit when and  where you stand the most chance of witnessing this incredible natural phenomenon.Taking a Tanzania safari tour is a great way to get a good overview of this wonderful country. Our Tanzania tours vary in length and either remain within the borders of Tanzania or incorporate Tanzania as part of a larger itinerary.Why not take the Tanzania Under Canvas tour for a classic, old-school tented safari experience or try our Luxury Migration Safari and see the world-renowned great migration!!