Events Planning


With our  staff everyone of us likes to be identified with
a well planned event and much of the success of an
event is in the behind the scenes which
most don't want to identify with.

The team  enjoys executing the behind the scenes of
an event, coordinating all relevant people and
services needed for an excellent event.

Team Quest specializes in planning the following:

  • Team Building Events
  • Weddings
  • Creative Team Events
  • Fun Corporate Events

We organizes and coordinates events as
per your needs and guarantees excellence.

With certified events planners and timely
service providers Team Quest has what
it takes to plan your event as required.

Contacts us today for your events needs.!


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Team Quest - Team BuildingGetting a group of people together does not make a “TEAM.”  A team develops products and services that are the result of the team's collective effort and involves synergy.

We help your staff/team and individuals make the move from a set of capable individuals to people who team up and get results as a corporate unified force.

Our team building programs range from fun team retreats, corporate team building trainings to high intensive team interventions.

The activities designed and facilitated are exciting and offer interactive experience which is ideal for building the core skills that create high performance teams.

Our team building activities are modelled upon a foundation of excellence, teamwork, creativity and professionalism. All these are immensely important in building high performance teams.

Individuals are divided into smaller teams to learn the basics of communication and teamwork. At the end of the process each team learns the following among others:
•    What a team is
•    Characteristics of a team
•    Difference between a team and a group
•    Fundamentals of team effectiveness
•    Discover how competition plays a role in the way a team works
•    Discover how tactics help a team adhere to a strategy
•    Improve understanding of leadership in a team environment
•    Increase knowledge of your team process
•    Learn how pressure stimulates teamwork
•    Understand how synergy is nurtured for team success

Our training programs are:
o    Excellent
o    Experiential
o    Engaging
o    Action-oriented
o    Innovative
o    Memorable
o    Thought-provoking
o    Very interactive
o    Exciting

o    Fun!

The driver

The drive

Team Roles - Leader

I) On Team Performance, Communication and Decision making,
the SCORE model highlights the critical areas of coverage in
Team Building. The SCORE Model offers the best approach to
Team Learning. Focusing on team performance the team
continuously discus fie pillars represented by SCORE as below


Clear Roles and Responsibility

Open Communication

Rapid results

Effective Leadership


ü Shared purpose

ü Clearly articulated values and ground rules

ü Understanding of risks and opportunities facing the team

ü Clear categorization of the overall responsibilities of the team

Clear Roles and Responsibilities:

ü Clear definition of roles and responsibilities

ü Responsibility shared by all members

ü Specific objectives to measure individual results


Open communication:

ü Respect for individual differences

ü Open communication environment among team members

Rapid response:

ü Rapid response to the team’s problems

ü Effective management to change in the internal and external environment

Effective Leadership:

ü Team leader who is able to help members achieve the objective and build the team

Our Tour Driver guides

In any Safari, your driver/guide is very important since, he accompanies you during the entire trip, you can imagine, this aspect can make or break your holiday.

Our driver guide will takes care of you and they do not only know there way or just take you on safari  around East Africa, but also has knowledge about Flora, Fauna, History, Politics and local tribes with their traditions and have taken courses in Customer Care, wildlife education, environment conservation and First Aid.

They will assist you with check in formalities at the lodges/hotels or camps and the end of your safari you will have learn some new things to take with you home.