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We understand that traveling to Africa is a long life dream for our clients. Get to know East Africa's landscape, its people and wildlife first hand while traveling by road in our customized safari built vehicles and with an experienced driver safari guide.
Being on safari t us means that you will be spending a lot of time tracking, observing and or photographing wild life in the most spectacular National Parks and Game Reserves in Africa.The Safari is a wonderful adventure combining the amazing sights of nature with the total comfort of the lodges or camps.

The typical day on safari begins with a game drive after an early breakfast. On some days you will be out for the entire day viewing wild life and on others, you will return to your lodge or camp before noon.
After lunch you'll then have time to relax at the poolside, take a nap, read or explore the surroundings. Between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. you will go on another game drive lasting until sundown.In all programs we offer early sunrise drives (when most people are just getting up for breakfast) which is our unique feature. On the days that you travel to new game parks, you will generally leave right after breakfast, arriving at the next lodge in time for lunch, and afternoon game driver.Back to home page

Uganda Top Destinations

Central Region: In the heart of Uganda's central region, you will many preserved cultural sites and destinations suitable for adventures and researchers. These range from tombs, kingdom heritage sites and buildings, Kampala and Entebbe city centres, falls and massive water bodies such Lake Victoria.

Eastern Region: Travelling eastwards you'll come across the source of the river Nile where you can enjoy a boat ride or for the more adventurous among you, bungee jumping or white water rafting at Bujagali falls. The eastern region also offers you the opportunity to visit Tororo rocks, the Elgon Mountain, Nyero rock paintings in the Kumi district, Mt. Moroto Etc
Western Region: This part of Uganda is one beautiful wonderland gifted with golden grasslands, green tea plantations, hills with terrace gardens, thick tropical rainforests and a snow peaked Mountain Rwenzori. There are game parks, game reserves and forest reserves in this region, which you can visit in only a 2½ hrs drive from Kampala.

Northern Region:The North provides yet another awe inspiring destination with ample opportunity to view Ugandan tribes, culture and wildlife in a stunning location. Discover all that these breathtaking attractions have to offer.

Rwanda Highlights:

Rwanda is a country that will forever be known for the events of its troubled and sometimes horrific past. The land has known war, genocide, colonialism and tribal conflict for almost its entire history. Fortunately it is home to a people who are eager to recover and to learn from their past mistakes and move forward in peace.

There are arrays of amazing wonders within Rwanda that make it well worth the visit. First and foremost are the Mountain Gorillas found on the bamboo forested slopes of its peaks. Secondly their smaller cousins and our closest animal relatives, the Chimpanzees, found traipsing through the tree canopy of the Nyungwe Forest National Park Africa's last remaining mountain rainforest habitat. Then there are the amazing volcanoes with their green slopes and the dark waters of the lakes within their 'dormant' craters in the Volcanoes National Park. You might also be surprised to find a tropical beach environment on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Mode of Transpots:

We knows and believes that the best way to experience the culture, nature and wildlife of Africa is encountered in small groups and by using customized 4 x 4 Land Cruisers, Land rovers, or minibus fitted with modern communication gadgets