AFIOA O4:Bagamoyo Excursion City tour Bagamoyo Day Excursion

Comprising of sight seeing to the ancient Bagamoyo metropolis

Day trip: Starting and Ending point at Dar es Salaam

Depart at 0745 hrsam to Bagamoyo for excursion, it is 1:30hr (maximum) driving

from Dar es Salaam to Bagamoyo. Commence an excursion by visiting the following


1) Caravanserai: It’s an Old Caravan terminus for Caravan porters.

Similarly it was a resting place for the Caravan porters from interior who

gave the capital name Bwagamoyo-the place where one’s heart came to

rest after a long and tired journey.

2) Dunda Tower: Built in 1889 as defense tower during the Bushiri-War.

3) Mwambao School: donated by Sewa Haji as multiracial; still used as

primary school.

4) German Store House: Built in 1888/1889 by the German UsagaraCompany.

5) Customs House: Built in 1895 on the place of the old customs House

which was transferred to Saadani; still used as a customs house.

6) Old Bagamoyo Tea House: One of the oldest stone houses in

Bagamoyo, built by A. S. Marhabi.

7) German Boma (Admin’s headquarters): Built in 1987 as the residence of

the German Colonial Admistrator. It’s an impressive building topped by

crenulations, constructed in U shape.

8) Liku House: First German Headquarters, up to 1889, used by the

Tanzanian Government.

9) Hanging Place (Mwembe kinyongo): Place where the Germans hanged to

death the Bushir-supporters after the Bushir-War against German.

10) Cemetery: Cemetery for German solders dating from 1889 that were

killed during the Bushiri-War and in the other battles.

11) Cemetery Mwana Makuka: Oldest cemetery in Bagamoyo with the

oldest tomb, dating back to 1793/1794.

12) College of Art: College of Arts in Bagamoyo is an internationally

acclaimed art institute in Tanzania. Traditional Tanzanian painting,

sculpture, drama, dancing, and drumming is taught. Each year an art

festival is held in Bagamoyo during the last week of September. The

festival features workshops, entertainments, and performances.

13) Kaole Ruins: Is a major attraction just south of Bagamoyo. The Ruins

date back to the 13th C and consist of two Mosque and 30 Tombs. The

older of two Mosques thought to date back to the third or fourth C, make

it the oldest Mosque on the mainland of East Africa. Mosque provides

Evidence indicating early contact between Africa and Islamic world.

After an enjoyable excursion, depart to Dar see Salaam around 16:45pm.