AFIOA 11:Day Mulala Cultural Tour:
Mulala Cultural Program is a grass root eco-tourism program at work, which has created a support system for women at Mulala Village, a settlement built on the slopes of Mount Meru. The Mulala Cultural Tour Program experience begins with your drive through the lush green vegetation and darting through the various farms striving to practice a fusion of modern farming techniques built on yesteryears traditional experiences. Such methodologies are the success stories where one gets to experience

(1) cheese production at work with the finished product being supplied to the nearby hotels and markets

(2) a scenic walk through the coffee and banana farms providing a glimpse of every day challenges at work

(3) a talk and interaction with local Mulala women and villagers

(4) guests on the Mulala Cultural Program also have the opportunity to enjoy the organic food samples prepared by the women. At the farm, you can enjoy a wholesome lunch prepared by the local women. These experience are refreshing as well as entertaining. Mulala Cultural Program stands as Tanzania’s first eco-tourism program initiated, managed and operated by women who are committed to making a difference and wanting a different outcome from every day life.